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The Importance of integrated Calibration Data


Any discrepancies in equipment calibration, especially in Life Sciences, would lead to regulatory risk and would even call into question the organization’s product integrity.

Unfortunately, the disparate data repositories for metrology and the disconnected processes are unlinking equipment maintenance and calibration groups. These disparities delay product’s time-to-market and may leave you open to other risks ranging from increased liability to patient safety.
Some of the top five risks for Medical Equipment Calibration Programs include:

  • Insufficient Expertise
  • Manual Methods
  • Paper Trails 
  • Lack of Visibility 
  • Irregular Calibration 

Our recent white paper highlights some of the glaring hindrances in equipment calibration and how an enterprise asset management system helps mitigate the challenges.

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Implementing Equipment Calibration Best Practices

Xybion EAM/CMMS Professional Services evaluate your asset management needs and recommend the best approach to support your business objectives. Much more than a facilities management tool, IBM Maximo® is a powerful enterprise management application providing the detailed information required to extend the lifecycle of your assets.

Xybion offers a Comprehensive Audit Trail (CAT) and BRIE (Extract, Transform, & Load Tool) as add-ons to IBM Maximo®. While CAT enables you to leverage the additional audit functionality by running as a tab within each application requiring EREC or ESIG, BRIE facilitates the often-difficult process of bulk record import and export activities with ease.   

The Xybion expert team has the skills and resources to effectively implement and integrate Maximo® throughout your organization irrespective of your business models.


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